Staying Busy!

Staying Busy!

Wow! Have things been wild at the Makery!

This little business is growing faster than we ever dreamed it would, AAAANND it has taken some unexpected turns along the way. We have tried our hand at retail window painting...  thank you very much, Rayburn Sporting Goods (aka - Poeburns as I like to call it).  We have been working on some designs for the Milestones Pediatric Clinic renovation (to be revealed in the coming months) - stay tuned ;) We've worked on 2 totally different church concepts and both have been a ton of fun! At Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Cabot, we've contributed our personal stylings to the newly constructed preschool area with the "Days of Creation."  My personal favorite is the moon room!  At Kennect City Church (formerly known as Kensett First Baptist), we're working on several urban/industrial design elements for their new building. In the picture, you can see our take on metal storage bin as the facade of their new student ministry room.

We are rapidly approaching the holiday season and have 3 vendor booths booked in the coming weeks.  Come see us at Cabotfest (October 14th), Holiday House (November 2-4), and Cabot's Celebrate the Season (December 2nd).

Yes, we're staying busy and loving every minute! #adventureswithbrittanyandchristy



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