Makers Night Out: Milestones Pediatric Clinic

Makers Night Out: Milestones Pediatric Clinic

In July, we visited Milestones Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Cabot and helped them throw a PARTY!! Okay, okay... some may say "team building" or "morale building" or "leadership development" or "workplace bonding".  But let's just be honest here, when the boss is paying for a night of free food, drinks, and amazing projects brought by The Makery... it is a PARTY!!! 

The guest list was made up of speech, physical, and occupational therapists & assistants, as well as an amazing office staff! We worked on fall designs in an attempt to force the July heat away while grazing on a lovely charcuterie board crafted by our wonderful Heather Harper! The food was great, the creativity was better, the company was top notch.  The best part of this event was being surrounded by 25 kind, successful, and hardworking women. 

Here at The Makery, we are used to our own quirks.  We know that Brittany tapes that line to make it straight, still paints it crooked, and then makes it "crooked on purpose".  We know that Christy loves to break the rules and not follow the design plan. But these medical professionals had us cracking up! The attention to detail, the debates of color choices, the extreme precision, there was no t left uncrossed and no i left undotted! And the projects turned out PHENOMENAL!!! 

Thank you to LaNita Russell and Lindsey Cashion and all of the wonderful people at Milestones! We had a blast and can't wait to do this again! 

And special thanks to @paigelynnproductions for some great photos :)  

@themakeryofcabot We had a GREAT night @Milestones Pediatric Therapy last night! This office party/team building experience was so fun! So much attention to detail with this crew of therapists! #themakeryofcabot #makersnightout #paintparty #teambuilding ♬ Live Your Beautiful Life - Gray Griggs


If you or someone you know wants to host a Makers Night, give us a shout!



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